Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trees litter the streets

Have you ever noticed that the trash that adorns Buffalo’s city streets often comes from fast-food places? Now, I am not blaming them, because Burger King and McDonalds don’t encourage people to drop their containers. But I think it comes more from the idea that fast-food is a disposable, quick meal. People get it to go, and eat it on the streets and toss it. It’s like a disposable meal.

But I wonder: if there was no such thing as take-out fast food, would there be less litter?

Which brings me to one more quick issue. And that is this: what goes through someone’s mind when they litter? Do they think, “I pay taxes, someone should pick this up.” If they do, then perhaps no one told them that Buffalo and Erie County are broke.

Maybe they don;t think about that. Maybe when they toss garbage on the floor they do so without thinking. In some ways, I respect the person who does it willfully over the person who does it without thinking. At least the first person is engaged in some way.

As the tree limbs litter the streets of Buffalo, I wonder if people will add their ‘garbage’ to the piles.

Hope not.

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