Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn is cute and very mobile

All this political talk on Autumn's blog. It's really about Autumn and how overwhelmingly cute she is. She's cute. Honest. Take a look.

We, the writers of Autumn Created, would like to thank all the people who post here. We encourage posts. We look forward to them. In fact, we have a question: Mom and Autumn are booked to spend a week away from dad, lucy and romeo. They'll be jetting off to Florida. What can Mom expect from the flight? What should she take? What shouldn't she take? (The house she will be staying in has a crib and various baby stuff).

Your input is appreciated. Just click post a comment.


Anonymous said...

suntan lotion and a bikini is really all the girls need...

Matt. said...

Both girls would look cute in a bikini.

JFB said...

First time I took Liam on a flight I took tons of stuff -- food, toys, books -- and used none of it. Hauled it for nothing. He was happy to play with the airsick bag.

Here is what you really need on the plane: A couple of bibs, a couple of sets of clothes, your diaper change stuff, a receiving blanket, tissue, soother (the Leaf's one of course), whatever she eats (if you are still breastfeeding that one is easy), and a bottle for water. And a stroller or snugli (I found the snugli way easier for travel when he was under a year). And remember to stash a couple of empty plastic bags to seal up laundry items in case of explosion out of either end. Your seatmates will be grateful. You may want to pack a change of shirt for yourself in your carry-on as well.

As far as checked luggage, lots of clothes, diapers (don't forget the swim ones for the beach!), a couple of receiving blankets and regular blankets, a few little toys and your car seat.

I guess what I'm saying is don't go overboard with the stuff. Hauling a baby and a bunch of stuff by yourself is no picnic. And the baby couldn't care less. She'll just be happy to be with you.