Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving, Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day (US) and Thanksgiving (CAN). Some thoughts:

There's actually a day celebrating a guy who got lost and never really achknowledged it. Indians, also know as Native Americans, are called Indians because Columbus thought he was in India. For the record, India is 7144 miles from Plymouth, MA.

Thanksgiving in Canada is a celebration of the Harvest. If you've been to a farmer's market lately, you know that the harvest is now. It's easy in Canada though, since the climate is basically the same across the country.

Not so in these United States. According to Wikipedia, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that Thanksgiving would be the next to last Thursday of November rather than the last. With the country still in the midst of The Great Depression, Roosevelt thought this would give merchants a longer period to sell goods before Christmas. Thanksgiving is about celebrating the Pilgrims, and the bounty of the new world.

None of this really matters. The point of it all is this: We get two Thanksgivings. And I have left over Turkey today for lunch.

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