Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soups no longer on

This is about the Sabres. They just traded Brian Campbell for a former fist round pick. A 23 year old (they were the youngest team in the league and they just got younger -- is that good or bad...Meg?)

Anyway, the argument I heard for trading his was that it was important so that they got something for him. I thought that if he stayed they would GET 3 months of him playing defense, which is a pretty significant thing, but instead, they traded him and got something else.

I think this something else is less significant, but it won't be going away at the end of this season. So it's a trade off trade.

And the thing is, he wasn't going to stay. He's not the number one defenseman on the team (that's Hank Tallinder and Tony Lydman), so you can't pay him number one money. And thus, he was going away. He was leaving.

So I guess the Sabres got something. Lets hope they didn't need Campbell to make the playoffs.

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