Monday, February 25, 2008

The cost of meat

This isn't an anti-meat post. I like meat, and plan to continue my omnivorous ways for some time. However, chicken and beef are expensive, so at our house, we consume it a lot less.

Expensive you say?

Why, you could simply go to Sam's Club and buy a box of beef burgers for a $1. better still, you could get 100 chicken breasts for $0.25 (or some ridiculously inexpensive price).

And when you pay that extraordinary price, you have to turn off your brain. Because somewhere deep in your conscious, you know that to make meat this cheap, they have to cut some corners. There's a cost, but it's preferable to ignore it and add some BBQ sauce to make it all taste good.

Not us, which means meat is a luxury item in these United States. (Canada has a regulatory system with power. In the US, recalls are voluntary).

What do you think?

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