Monday, February 18, 2008

The fall-out of this weekend

It's a coming of age moment in a toddler's life. The day that said Toddler officially falls out of her crib. This weekend was the day.

Autumn fell out of her crib this weekend. It was, as you can imagine, a scary moment. Especially since I was in her room when it happened.

It was nap time. She wasn't really getting the idea, even after stories and downtime. So, with the lights off, I tried a trick that worked a couple of times in the past. I laid down on the floor in her room and closed my eyes. The thinking is, she'll see me asleep and copy me.

Only, this time, she decided to join me.

When the crash came, it freaked me out. One second I'm laying on the ground, the next second there's a thump followed by a wail. And I look over and autumn's head is right beside mine. I'm serious, she missed me by about three inches. had our heads hit, this message might not have the same tone.

They didn't. And outside of being seriously freaked out, Autumn was okay. Rhona came running (she heard the thump) and we all just hugged. After about 20 minutes, she was calmed down enough to go play again. No nap.

Next step. A toddler bed. This is the signal. When she can get out of the crib it's time to get her out of the crib.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that she was not hurt, more scared than anything I am sure. Kids heads are surprisingly solid.
I have a small request for you......could you please post more pictures, seems its been a while :)

Kristi Benford

JFB said...

We skipped the toddler bed -- went straight to the single with bedrails. It's an older bed with wood slats supporting the box spring so we just took them out for now and put the box right on the floor so it's nice and low. Liam hasn't fallen out of it once. He chooses other things to fall out of (playground equipment, cars, trikes, chairs... yes, toddlers are a ton of fun).

JFB said...

p.s. countdown is on for baby in Calgary! ETA early to mid-March

Matt. said...

thanks for all the thoughts and well-wishes. More pictures. We're on it. As for sky dives, none yet. I think she realized she can't actually fly.