Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Autumn's out of daycare

If you're a parent, and you drop your kids off to day care, then you know the feeling. When I put her down and she runs to my leg crying "Daddy, daddy, daddy" my heart breaks, melts, whatever metaphor you need. I reach down, give her a hug and feel her grab me with all the strength she can muster in her little arms, and I look around.

She was at a new day care. The one everyone says is awesome. It's in the city and on the way to work. In the summer, Rhona could walk. The other idea is that we could meet other people, families, and make new friends.

So we signed up. Autumn doesn't know any of the above, she just knows that the place she used to go is new. All new people. So, when the hugs, and leg hugs, and cries come, we're handing her to people she barely knows. And that's hard for all of us.

But what happened next was simply bad luck. Her new teacher kept calling in sick. That really isn't the fault of the day care, but it's a cause for concern. We're trying to hand off a visibly upset Autumn to someone she can trust, and that someone kept changing. And since it was an unexpected absence, they weren't always quick to solve the issue.

So we pulled her. We asked for our money back, and took her out. At this moment in time, she is no longer in day-care. We have mixed feelings about that. but this is the next adventure for Rhona and Autumn.

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