Tuesday, February 19, 2008

(sob) my Yahoo mail

The life of a copywriter is fluid, to say the least. I've now worked at 6 different places, and while I admit that for a time in my life, I was more focussed on Curling than career, it meant that every time I left a place, i left the e-mail address there. That's why I almost got a Microsoft hotmail account.


Microsoft bought hotmail before I could sign up. And then along came Yahoo. I grabbed a yahoo e-mail address over 10 years ago. I didn't want a microsoft owned e-mail. At the time, it was partly because I thought they were ruining the computing experience with their crappy programs that didn't really work on a mac, but I had to use anyway, because EVERYONE used Word. no, it was more the clunkiness with hotmail compared to Yahoo Mail.

Rhona also had Yahoo mail.

Well, times up it seems. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo. if it happens, our free-mail addresses will be owned by Microsoft.

Can anyone say Gmail? I've switched. If you know my yahoo e-mail, then instead of, simply change it with

Add to Mixx!

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