Friday, August 01, 2008

The poop post

Look. Gavin is 8 weeks old today. Meaning I've gone a long time without talking about poop. But he's 13 lbs. He eats like it's a 100 metre dash (timely summer Olympic metaphor), and thus, he poops.

I can remember when Autumn had a night of pooping. And since this blog records history, you can remember too:
The first sign of trouble was the little grin on her face. She's smiling a lot these days, but this was different. I had her on the changing table, really poopy diaper off her and in my hands when all of a sudden, a stream of poop followed a quick fart. Recall please that I am alone. Rhona is out at a party. Anyway, while the stream went a good foot and a half, things were contained. I threw a cloth over it, re-armed myself with a diaper, and went back in. That's when I caught another little grin. Another quick fart, and, another stream of poop. This one with a much better arc than the first. Which was good, because I caught most of it with the diaper in my hand.

So, my daughter is lying on the changing table beside the first dirty diaper. Her feet are on a burp cloth that's covering the first pile of poop from the second explosion. In my left hand, is a poopy diaper that I just caught her third projectile poop. Things seemed under control. I tossed the diaper, grabbed her legs and watched in amazement as another stream of poop came shooting out of her butt. At this point, you could tell she was tired. This one shot meekly, which sounds okay until you realize that it most of it ended up on her back.

At this point, even the dog left the room.
That was on August 27, 2006. A little over the two month stage.

You should now know that almost every poop with Gavin ends up needing a uni-change. They aren't poops as much as small nuclear-like explosions that occur daily. Because he poops daily, and massively.

I remember back a few weeks when the wee-man was smaller. When we first brought him home, his poops were dainty little things. We changed the diaper every 3 hours, and on we went. And then changing Autumn's diaper seemed so drastic in comparison.

Things have changed. Autumn still has the kind of poop that has us wondering to 'our gosh', but Gavin can go like Autumn rarely did. And we're on edge. If he doesn't manage a poop one day, we know the next day that the clock is ticking down towards event-horizon.

Anyway. That's the poop story for a Friday. This is our life.

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JFB said...

Quite a different life from three years ago.. but a good life all the same.