Saturday, August 09, 2008

I miss everyone

The last couple of days in Charlotte were pretty awesome. A couple of good presentations, a couple of great conversations, and yet, for whatever reason, I can't sleep.

Maybe I've forgotten how?

One would think that in a hotel room that has no baby monitor and no baby in it, one would be able to get a decent night's sleep.

One would be wrong.

I think the first problem is that I miss the family. I keep waiting to hear Autumn, or at least the hum of the baby monitor from her room and her occasional sounds. I wake up wondering why I can't hear it.

Let me repeat that: I wake up wondering why I can't hear the little girl that wakes me up. I know, it's weird.

It must also be missing the little guy and Rhona. Normally, he cries, I wake up, hear that my wonderful wife and awesome mom has got it convered, and boom, back to sleep. In the hotel, not so much.

So, it's back to the original point: I miss them. But I'll see them in a couple of hours.

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