Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will Autumn like My Fair Lady?

Yes, the Audrey Hepburn movie about a cockney woman who learns to speak. It's a musical, and that counts for something. Tonight, I'll play it for her. But before that, we encourage you to vote yes or no in comments.

Will autumn like it?

The case for:
She loves musicals. People singing on film gets her attention. Bonus points if they sing in a British accent. Her favorite movies are

Mary Poppins English woman sings many songs. Cute kids also sing. Dick Van Dyke pretends he's English, fails, but sings anyway.

Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. English people and Dick Van Dyke sing. No one even asked Dick Van Dyke, an Englishman with English kids to pretend he's English in this one. Lots of singing and dancing.

Sound of Music: Set in Austria, people with British accents sings and dance about Austria. Kids and Julie Andrews.

She'll sit through the various scenes in these that involve adults singing and dancing without kids.

The case against:
No kids in this one.
It's all British Accent adults singing and dancing.
Whilst watching "I'm getting married in the morning", the show-stopper song and dance bit from the movie on YouTube, she yelled "No. No." until I turned it off. And while that seems like a no brainer reason to vote against, you should realize she's said no, no to many songs including the legendary Mana-Mana bit, and various songs from the Sound of Music. Her opinion can change.

So cast your vote. We'll let you know later this week how it went.

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JFB said...

I don't think she'll like it, just because it features neither Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke. Instead, go out and get Bye Bye Birdie. And maybe Victor Victoria.