Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Worst. Night. Ever

You don't expect a lot of sleep with a 2.2 year old and a 0.3 year old. In fact, you expect .5 less sleep than before.

But the 0.3 year old is usually to blame. Meet Autumn.

Last night, for whatever reason, she decided to not sleep from about 3:00AM on. Lately, when it's bed time, she says:

"Rub my back"

I have to rub her back for a little bit after stories, then I leave. Sometimes she cries a little, and when I go in an ask what's wrong she responds:


She waits a beat, then says:

"Rub my back"

This is very new. They apparently rub her back at school for her afternoon nap. And thus, this activity has come home to roost, as they say. Last night, I rubbed her back. Which was a bad idea. Because at around 1:00AM, she woke up again with the same basic request.

Her: "Where's my binky?"
Me: "Right here."
Her: "Oh. Rub my back"

You could see that one coming a mile away. but I told her to close her eyes, go to sleep, and that I would see her in the morning. Unfortunately, I saw her again at 3:00AM. This time, she was really crying and wouldn't take no for answer.

Tired, I did what I thought was right at the time. I took her to our bed. When you're tired, it's hard to think rationally. I just wanted sleep. But as soon as she got in our bed, she realized B. Gavin was in the room, and thus announced that she wanted to "kiss 'im".

Now, you should know that when Autumn kisses B. Gavin, she kind of leans into him throwing her 23 pounds onto him, which is pretty significant for a little 13 pounder. Thus, he starts crying.

Anyway, the night ended with Autumn and Rhona sleeping in the spare bedroom whilst B. Gavin and I slept in the bed. And by slept I mean didn't.

Hence, worst night ever.

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Matt. said...

Ummmm. I would like to just second that emotion and confirm that when dad says "rhona and Autumn went into the other room to sleep" he means "no sleep until 5am.

this lack of sleep stuff is murder. total murder. today i wanted to actually take up boxing just so i could hit something.

JFB said...

I got nuthin. Feel your pain.