Friday, July 11, 2008

In the time of lack of sleep

Yes, it's true, we don't sleep much.

Our little Gavin is 5 weeks old today, and shows no real sign of sleeping soon. Autumn wakes up at some point in the night on a fairly regular basis and complains about something.

And Lucy.

Lucy has something going on that isn't fleas, but makes her scratch herself all the time. All friggin' night long. Scratch. Friggin' Scratch.

Oh, and to complete the list, Romeo the cat has decided to up his prolific output of pissing on everything. Perhaps this is the manner that he draws the line in the sand saying enough adding people and pets to this household that used to just be me and the woman that takes baths.

But, he's now taken to peeing on pillows on the bed.

As you can imagine, we're on edge. But, they tell me, this is normal. We don't get much sleep, pets react different to new people in their territory, we wake up on edge and sometimes get in each others grill over something as silly as how the dishwasher got unplugged.

But we're doing good. Really. We have a wonderful family. We have a nice little house in a nice little neighborhood. And, there are things like this on the Internet to give one perspective.

It's called Eat the Strawberry. What it means to me is "Hug my wife".

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Anonymous said...

Try giving Lucy benadryl. The regular pink-pill kind. That's what the vet recommended to us when Calli was suffering from hayfever (you gotta figure, to a dog, being allergic to grass may be the cruellest thing ever). Might help with the itch.

No recos for the peeing cat.


Matt. said...

Been giving the dog Benadryl. She hates it. Won't even eat steak. When I throw food at her, she lets it bounce off her nose now, and then inspects it.

She has trust issues.

My thought on the peeing cat is to pee on him. But he won't stand still.

JFB said...

Craig, who is, shall we say, not a feline lover, has a way to permanently solve the cat behaviour, but I don't think you'd like it. Bit gory. He reco for the dog is to lock her out of the room.

Craig's not so much the warm and fuzzy type.

Anonymous said...

Matt - stick the pink pill down Luyc's throat - Milly gets a benadryl a day - oh and she gets a tyhroid pill a day as well - so trust me, just stick it down there. The odd time she will fool us and we think it is down her throat but later we will find a little pink pill - but for the most part that's what you have to do and Lucy will, eventually, get used to the finger mostly down her throat. Can you add about the cat that he also enjoys walking over your guests head in the middle of the night to say hi - not to pee, just to say hi. Love AT.

Matt. said...

Just so you know, 4 comments is a record here at Familycreated. Nice.