Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The crying little man

Gavin cries. I can give you a number of good reasons for the crying:

1. He's gone number one or two in the diaper.
2. He just wants to be held.
3. Autumn just tried to give him a hug and squished him.
4. He's hungry.

9 times out of 10, more than 90 out of a hundred, it's #4. And to be honest, there's not much I can do about it.

True, mom's pumping. And there's an ample supply in the freezer of pure whole breast milk. I can, and have, unfrozen it, heated it, and offered it up.

Here' the thing. Autumn took to the bottle like a champion. Consider this post from August, 2006:
"Last night, Rhona went out. So dad was left with the two girls. I fed her the bottle, I walked her, and then we had tummy time. Groaning and grunting, she moved along a little mat, pulling herself. Yes folks, we had locomotion. Which is a milestone for dad, but not what this post is about."
Admittedly, this is at the 8 week stage. And the wee-man is a mere 6 and a bit weeks. But I can't find a post in Autumn's life that talks about her not taking a bottle. She wolfed the bottle.

Gavin, not so much. Gavin rolls it around I his mouth like it's gum. He chews, swishes his tongue, and does everything but suck. For the most part. It's honestly a test of patience. Eventually he'll attach on and suck. Word from a lactation consultant is that he can pound back 3,5 ox in 7 minutes.

Look at me, proud of my boy's ability to chug.

Anyway, once he gets on the bottle, he goes to town. So much so, that I have to pull him off and let him burp. Lest he spit up.

But, and this is the point, he just settles down with mom.

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