Tuesday, July 29, 2008

About last night

I should start by saying that life is getting better. A couple of night's ago, b-Gavin, baby Gavin, aka, the captain slept from 9:00PM until almost 3:00AM. For the math challenged among us, that's 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Lets pause for a moment and consider how truly awesome that is.

Okay, now back to last night. B-Gavs was up to his normal schedule. A feeding at 10:00, at 1:00AM. But that's the not the thing.

The thing was 5:00AM.

It started, of all places, with the dog. For reasons that only she could explain, she decided to get up. Since she sleeps under the bed, and is a 50lb dog, it's a loud performance when she gets her butt out from under the bed.

And this noise created the following chain-reaction: a wail from b-Gavin, since he was in the room.

The wail woke up Autumn, who began her own wail, in the note of C.

At 5:00AM. Meaning, there's no going back to sleep. Because at this point, Lucy decided to go down stairs and bark at the moon (or most likely a dog being walked by their person at 5:00 freakin' AM).

We tried to get back to sleep. Rub Autumn's belly. Rock b-Gavin. But the effort, and the time, means there's no chance at getting back to sleep.

This is the first chain reaction wake-up in the AM. It won't be the last. Chances are good that we'll have one at 3:00AM. Me thinks the kids are just practicing.

Next time, we'll talk about his poop. It's otherworldly.

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