Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gavin and Autumn

Maybe we're just lucky.

At some point, the people told us, Autumn would ask us to send back Gavin. The thinking is simple: for the first two years of her life, we doted on her. Storytime at night. Walks and hugs for just her. Kisses, attention, our complete love, all hers. Exclusively.

And then along comes this dude (pictured with the dad-dude):

And next thing you know, it's sharing attention. It's sharing hugs, kisses, and everything. And yet, all we hear from her is
"I love baby Gavin. I wanna kiss 'im. I wanna touch 'im. I wanna hug 'im."
Pure love. Now, one day I might link to this post with a comment about how she asked to send him back. He is, right now, rather easy. He doesn't demand a lot of prolonged attention. Admittedly, he's up a bunch of times in the night, and we have to give him attention, but for the most part, we can devote a lot of time to Autumn.

Take this moment. Gavin is sleeping in the swing (still the greatest thing for new parents). Autumn is watching Mary Poppins for about the 60th time (she even acts out some parts).

I can run over there and act out certain parts with her (we do a mean step-in-time), but she doesn't need us.

Lets see how long that lasts.

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1 comment:

JFB said...

Liam has never asked for Lily to be sent back. She just joined the family and he accepted her as if she was always there. He has, however, shoved her around a little when she tries to take his stuff. But for you that's a while away.