Saturday, December 15, 2007

The year in review, part 1.

January began a new chapter in our lives. For January was when Rhona went back to work and left Autumn in daycare for the first time. Leaving your 7 month-old day with what amounts to strangers is one of the most difficult things to do. However, Autumn loved it. And we really do feel really comfortable with the people we leave her with.

Still, she’s very little. Looking at her, in that room, and walking away is a hard, hard thing to do. But it’s at daycare where she tries different foods. Plays with other kids and learns to be social and sharing. She loves daycare, and we have learned to love it too.

Milestone: first flu shot and reaction.

February saw a right of passage, we think. Early in February, a much more active Autumn managed to kick her crib in such a way, that she partially broke it and managed to fall out. It’s hard to explain, but suffice it to say, when I heard her wail, I knew something was up and ran in to see an empty crib, but still heard her crying. Not only had she fallen out of the crib, she’d rolled under the crib. Looking back, it’s a remarkable set of circumstances that came together to make this happen.

Milestone: She stood up for the first time.

March saw a couple of prolonged sick days for Autumn. She had pink eye. And she was home from daycare almost every week. We actually had to call in the newly retired Granddad Hames to come and stay. It meant two things: Granddad had to change a poopy diaper for the first time in over 30 years. But more importantly, it meant the forming of a bond between Autumn and her Granddad. We are lucky to have parents who help us out on both sides. Grandma and Grandpa Cadenhead help us out a lot looking after Autumn. And Nanny and Granddad Hames come over and stay to give us overnights. But when Autumn got sick in March, we needed a prolonged overnight. Enter Granddad Hames and Grandma Cadenhead. They worked together to soothe Autumn, give her fluids, and help her get her strength back. Seeing your parents with your child is one of the great moments of life.

Milestone: she walked with a walker.

In our household, April was almost entirely about the Buffalo Sabres hockey team and their playoff run. We actually got cable television just to watch the games. Rhona and I had moments where we would jump for joy, hugging and dancing around the table. We got Autumn into a nice bedtime routine that still is essentially the same. A bottle, a bath, and a bunch of stories (I think I know Green eggs and ham off by heart). She became much more mobile.

Milestone: Responds to ‘What’s in your mouth?’ by sticking out her tongue.

May is the last month that we were a two-income family. Mom decides to leave her job to spend more time at home with Autumn (and work to finish her Masters degree). For the month, mom continues to work, but we know the end is near. You can see Autumn really starting to walk without the aid of the walker. We take lots of video of her movements. This month, we’re completely invested in the Sabres (hockey team) playoff run, which comes to a dramatic and painful end. Even Autumn gets into it, staying up a little late to watch the first period of the games. A little girl is really starting to emerge.

Milestone: Autumn stands without the aid of a walker.

Before she turns one-year old later in June, she’s officially a walker. And a climber. She climbs the stairs entirely on her own (and learns how to get back down them). The smile on her face when she walks to us is priceless. This is when she really begins bonding with Lucy, our dog. Lucy is crazy. However, when Autumn comes to hug her, pull her tail, pull her ears, she doesn’t do a thing. Lucy sits beside Autumn at dinner, hoping Autumn will share. And Autumn shares. We’re lucky that Lucy is calm around Autumn. They are truly best friends.

Milestone: Autumn turns One.

Stay tuned for part 2. Coming to this blog soon!

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