Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas part 1

So, there haven't been any updates on the reno's because there hasn't been any work. We knew that, and went along with it anyway.

On Christmas:

When I was little, we used to go to a pub called Bramalea Place on Christmas Eve. The pub is a traditional place to go in English culture. There's singing, dancing, and even better, a Santa Claus for the kids. Pubs are great places to find the perfect beer-bellied guy to be Santa.

Bramalea Place has long since closed, but my dad's new pub is our new meeting place. It has all the good beers on tap, and it draws lots of friends of my parents. It also has it's own version of a Santa.

Autumn wasn't sure of Santa in any way. But, she went up. She got a couple of toys. We had a nice time. Autumn ran around with her sippy cup looking to have a cheers with anyone who was interested.

Then we moved to Aunt Tracey and Uncle John's for the annual carol singing. That will come in the next post.

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