Monday, December 03, 2007

I made Autumn cry

It happened yesterday.

She was, at that moment, pulling on her mom's hair and laughing. The thing is, we don't want her pulling on her mom's hair. We don't want her pulling in the cat's tail, or the dog's ears either. And i can assure you that the aforementioned mom and pets don't want autumn pulling on the aforementioned things.

So, mustering up the a relatively stern voice, I looked her straight in the eye with a look that meant business, and told her no.

She stopped. Looked at me looking at her all stern-like, and began crying. She turned to her mom, the same mom whose hair she was just pulling, and demanded a hug.

I felt like a big meany. I really did. And for the rest of the day, I was thinking about the look on her face when she noticed that I meant business.

There are gonna be times when she'll do stuff and I'll tell her no, and she'll cry. Like one day, when she's six, she might ask to join the circus. I'll tell her no, she'll think I'm a meany and hate me for a bit. Oh, she'll like me again, assuming I'm fair. Just like yesterday, about 10 seconds after crying, she liked me again. But I thought I should note it.

The first time I made her cry. Add it to the list.

Add to Mixx!

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