Sunday, July 22, 2007

mom's away

That sounds like bombs away, which is sort of what it feels like right now. This will officially be the longest Rhona and Autumn are apart.

It's almost 11:00PM. Mom's in Toronto seeing the Police. Chances are, right now, she's out of the concert. (Who knows how long these older guys can play for?).

Anyway, today we had nanny and granddad in town to help out. Which was good. Because she's really establishing her boundaries. For instance, she'll be smiling away. Laughing, maybe even rolling on the floor. And instantly, she'll turn into a crying baby, arms outstretched, looking for a hug. It's teething. It's being a baby. it's fine, but not as easy as when mom's here.

Rhona is a great mom. She anticipates Autumn's needs. She has a feel for what food she should eat. Today for instance, Autumn ate two things of yogurt, some blueberries, a bit of pancake, and a dash of chicken food-like baby food. No, it's chicken but I forget what kind. It's like this weird orange color, which leads me to think it's Chicken Vegetable Soup. Or something.

My point is, late in the process, I remembered the apple and sweet potato stuff in the freezer. Rhona can pull that out and in seconds feed it to Autumn. I semi failed. It was too hot, then too cold. Then she was done. Baby's aren't that patient.

Anyway, lest anyone wonder, we miss mom. We hope she has fun, but can't wait for her return.

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