Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why the Internet is cool

This is why the Internet is so cool. I’m listening to an online radio station called Flashback Alternatives. The last couple of sets were an obscure Tears For Fears song and a Tom Waits song called “Innocent When You Dream”. Those two songs sandwiched “Snow Miser”, from the Animated show called A Year Without Santa Claus. Easily my favorite show. I actually used to think one of my old bosses looked like the Snow Miser. But I digress, because it gets better.

I looked up A Year without Santa Claus to see who did the voice for the Snow Miser. Turns out, it was done by Buffalo, NY native Dick Shawn, who according to his bio in IMDB, was "Way ahead of his time most say, it was extremely difficult indeed to know how to properly tap into this man's eclectic talents."

The song Snow Miser was an example, in my opinion.


JFB said...

Snow Miser was alright, but Heat Miser -- now he was hip! And check this: his hairdo has been perfectly emulated by an Ontario curler with the same intials. Coincidence???

Matt. said...

I think it's a coincidence. He's far too young to know Heat Miser. Although, I could see him telling people "I'm too much".

meghann said...

And here I thought I was the only person in the world who knew that show - no one else ever remembers it when I mention it. :)

(Turkey soup was excellent, by the way. Thanks!)