Thursday, November 16, 2006

Autumn in Artvoice

Our little girl makes her debut in Artvoice today in an ad for Terrapin Station. There's a long story on how she got there, but the short story is they needed a cute little baby, and she currently fits the bill. This isn't the picture they used in the ad in Artvoice. For that, you'll have to get one yourself. But this is a shot from the photo shoot. The headline in the ad is: "For all the colorful people on your list". The guy is obviously meant to be a contrast. I love this picture.


Anonymous said...

A love child, no question.


Matt. said...

That's what we think. But we have a pretty solid bias.

Matt. said...

Mom said... 'it's about time Terrapin started giving back!'. Our little girls first paycheck was a tie-dye onesie, I am so proud.