Thursday, December 04, 2008

On gavin

We've been remiss about updating Gavin. The second born, and all that.

What can we say about the little dude? He's bigger than Autumn ever was, but he's still little. He loves to be tickled, and he loves, more than most things, to be in his jolly jumper. He's got a good grip, a heart-melting smile, and a sensitive side.

If you're holding him, and he's relaxed, don't start a conversation with someone in the next room. He'll freak out.

All of this is normal baby stuff. He'll cry a little, but if we pick him up, he'll stop. He's not currently sleeping thought the night in any meaningful way, but that will change. Autumn's a champion sleeper.

We'll try to do better. Sorry Gavin.

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