Monday, December 08, 2008

Ban Left Handed Marriage

Left Handers' Day, August 13 2002Image via WikipediaVoters in California banned gay marriage on the same day that they elected the first Black President.

Well, marriage isn't saved yet. There's another group that could destroy marriage.

"I know there are some who say that being left-handed is not a choice…
That people are “born” that way.
That’s ridiculous.
We all know we choose which hand to write with and feed ourselves.
And this disgusting abnormal perversion of this radical minority cannot be the will of God.
Right is “right”! It says so in every language. Left is sinister, evil, gauche, maladroit.

Right is “droit”, right, correct, the Law!"

Don't let these Sinister people destroy marriage. Well, except me, a lefty. Let me stay married.

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