Friday, December 05, 2008

Gavin has a penis

Says Autumn.

"And I don't have a penis."

She continues.

"And mommmy doesn't have a penis, but daddy does."

She fumbles a little on whether Romeo has one (unsure), or Lucy has one ("Yes"0, but overall, she gets the whole boy/girl thing.

And it's not like we walk around every day going "Dad's have a penis, and you don't". This is one of those things that she picked up since we've been giving them baths together.

And part of us wonders if we shouldn't have gone with another word. Like Johnson, Little Gavin, wee-wee. It's somewhat jarring to hear a two-year old say "You have a penis daddy."

On the other hand, it's called a penis. Not a wee-wee, or a knob, so it seems better that it should be called a penis.

It's really just a little jarring to hear the little princess say it.

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JFB said...

I'm all for calling things what they are. I'd way rather hear my daughter or son say "penis" than "winkie" or some such nonsense. Although I did find it humerous when Liam was referring to my breasts as "Lily Feeders."