Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gavin... the gavster.

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Gavin... well, I can take this one as I am home with him and see him a bit more.

he is my little dude, and by little, i mean BIG.

he is roughly 16lbs. and is wearing 6/9 months size while still a few days shy of 4 months.

he looks great in dark blue.
he is just about ready to flip over- in fact with a little bit of help- he can roll.
he has put his own binky in his mouth once or twice.
he has held his own bottle once.
he is working really hard on a giggle.
he does not like to converse during mealtime- and don't get me started on his hatred of dog barking.

when he sees me he smiles like i am the greatest thing in the world.
he loves to get his diaper changed and has only peed on me once.
he is patient and even tempered.
his sister makes him laugh - even when she leans on him a bit too hard.
he is a happy kid who only cries when he needs something- tired, hunger, diaper or boredom.
right now, gavin doesn't seem to need a whole lot of sleep.

i love the little dude.

but i sure wish he would sleep through the night soon.

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