Monday, October 27, 2008

The crazy little lady

Last night, Autumn had a tantrum like I've never seen. I've heard about the terrible two's. About how things might get crazy at times.

Well, they got crazy last night. Autumn hasn't been at her best, she has pink eye, and the drops we keep putting in her eyes are starting to work.

So yesterday, when it came time for bed, and she began to complain somewhat bitterly, we chalked it up to a busy day, no nap, and the pink eye thing.

Then, things took a decided turn for the worse.

She began screaming hysterically. I was up[ stairs with her, trying to get her undressed. She fought this like I was an invading army. Kicking, screaming, flailing.

You should understand that most nights, when I say lets get the jammies on, she strips. Even takes off the diaper (after answering the "did you poo" question.)

She's also pretty clear about the books that she wants to read, or that she wants me to read. Sometimes she'll complain a little about going to bed, but I can usually redirect her with some of the little rituals we do at night.

Not last night. The only thing she could say was "Mom." She was sobbing like crazy, repeating gibberish that ended with "mom".

I called in the cavalry. Mom took over and took her to our bed where they just hugged. After about twenty minutes, mom called to ask for a glass of ice, and a glass of milk. Those were Autumn's demands.

At some point after that, Autumn was laughing and smiling again, and ready for bed. In that 40 minutes to an hour, she was a different little girl. Crazed. Wild. over-tired.

We knew these scenes were coming. As someone commented on Twitter, at least we go to see her like this in the privacy of home and not in public.

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JFB said...

After Autumn got her glass of ice and glass of milk, what was in the glass that mom got?