Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The equivalent of popping a zit.....

So yesterday I did a sincerely MOM thing. Something I certainly never expected I would do. Let me clear, I never thought I would THINK of doing it, and god knows I never thought I would actually do it.

But I did.

Autumn was at school and Gavin and I were hanging out. As you may have gathered, Gavin is a happy baby. He very very rarely cries.... if he does you can usually get him to stop within three moves. Yesterday though he was straining, struggling and clearly had a serious belly ache. Keep in mind- we have started solids and the boy chows. I have been pureeing everything under the sun and thus far he has scarfed down sweet potatoes, bananas and butternut squash... he eats a lot and he eats well. What he does not do so well is poop out that food.

so, he was struggling and straining. I changed his diaper and he had a solid poop- but obviously was not done.

So I helped him.

Yep- I helped him push out his pooop. I pushed and pulled his little legs to move his belly and then I helped pull the blockage out of his cute little body. Basically I pushed the poop out of his belly.

And we did it four times yesterday.

And he smiled after each session. So, Gavin later in life I promise not to talk about this at your wedding or commitment ceremony or whatever the hell they are calling it in the future.

Glad you are feeling better little guy. I promise to puree the food more in hopes of making your moves more smooth.

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JFB said...

Ah, the glamour.