Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Turkey Hangover

(photos below)

Ask Autumn what a sheep says, and she'll belt out: BAAAA! Then a big smile. Ask her what a Turkey says, and she'll look blankly at you.

That's kind of good, seeing as how we cooked a 22 pounder yesterday.

Yes, Thanksgiving was on Thursday. But the Canadians in our family had to come from, well, Canada, and American Thanksgiving is just a Thursday with Football in Canada. Thus, we eat bird on Saturday.

It worked out to 2 pounds of Turkey per person. On the surface, one would think that's a bit much. To me though, the whole idea of Thanksgiving dinner is leftovers. Turkey soup. Turkey sandwiches. Turkey anything, really. So last night, with some wine and beer in me, I vacuum sealed up a bunch of Turkey for later. Sometime in January, I'll pull out a piece of turkey, and boom. Leftover heaven.

But enough of that, here are some Autumn shots.


angela said...

Hello Rhona - greetings from Singapore! I left Buffalo for good a couple of months ago. Stumbled this blog when I went over some old links. Autumn is growing into a beautiful little girl. She's absolutely adorable. Take care and enjoy the coming holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela. I showed your message to Rhona. She really is growing up into a little girl. It's fun.