Monday, November 26, 2007

Evolution is slow

I read once that we're evolving out of our little toes. We no longer need them for balance, or for gripping a tree branch.

I tell you this because I think I broke the little piggy that goes to the market. AKA, the little toe.

I cracked it on the table yesterday at lunch. It hurt like crazy, but I thought it was just a simple crack of the toe. We stub our toes all the time. What's the big whoop? Then, later whilst cleaning the kitchen, I took a stutter step and came down hard on the foot that had the dodgy digit.

And holy did I cry like this:

At my yelp, Rhona came running. I would like to say that i am a tough guy. But that friggin hurt. I iced it, and now I'm limping like a gimp.

It only hurts when I walk.


JFB said...

This is even more apt -- the pinky toe isn't the one that goes to market, it's the one that goes "wee wee wee all the way home." Sort of like what you did when you realized you had broken it.

Try taping it up to the toe next door to keep it immobilized until it heals. And lots of ice. And beer. The beer's for the other end.

Matt. said...

I wrote this post before I went curling. It hurt then too. A lot.

Also, I've been doing it wrong. I start at the pinky toe, and send the big toe all the way home.

I did the ice thing. Tape doesn't work as i can't get a show on then. It's a stupid injury. It doesn't immobilize you, but it hurts like the dickens.