Tuesday, October 02, 2007

when it rains

So here's the day so far. Rhona has had a sore stomach since late Sunday night. On monday, I took her to the doctor, and they examined her. They found nothing. The pain though, didn't go away.

Cut to today. Autumn went to day-care like she does. Rhona had a follow-up appointment at 12:15PM. At 11:30AM, day-care calls because Autumn has a fever of 103. I pick up Autumn, Rhona goes the doctor.

Autumn and I spend the afternoon together as Rhona gets sent around town to specialists. Autumn throws up all over me, twice, but her fever breaks to 101.5. Still high, but a much less panicky high.

Ah, but the news gets better. The last specialist tells Rhona he wants her in for observation overnight. It sounds like it's nothing -- a doctor being overly cautious. But it still means a hospital stay, and those suck.

To recap: Autumn has a fever. Rhona has something, we don't know what (it could be her appendix, it could be her gall bladder, it could be a really bad salad or beef.)

It's sort of a freak-out. Thankfully, granddad is on his way. One day soon I will write how so often in my life, when I've needed help, my dad is there for me. Since I started it, I'll say my dad is my hero. And not just because he's dropping everything and coming to help. Because he's always dropped everything and come to help. And not just me. If you need him, and by 'you' I mean just about everyone he knows, he'll be there. I have no idea how he does it. But he does. My mom too.

Even when all this happens at once, I'm reminded I'm a lucky guy. We'll keep you posted.

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