Wednesday, October 03, 2007

top 2.7 million reasons to eat local meat

I started writing this on Tuesday morning -- the day from hell. It's now Wednesday night and Rhona is back home from the hospital. Things are okay. We're watching her, but we get to do it at home. Thanks for all your wishes. We don't know what was wrong. Which is scary. But she's better.

Here's the post I started Monday:

Rhona was sick yesterday. She had really bad stomach pangs. Plus she vomited all over the place.

Now, I'm not saying that she got e.coli from some of the 2.7 million pounds (pdf) of beef that was voluntarily recalled on the weekend because of e.coli infection. Not saying that at all.

But I am saying this: if you know where your beef comes from, you don't have to look at the date on the package to see if it fits in with the dates of the meat being recalled because it's infected with poo.

But if poo infection really was responsible for Rhona's illness, then we're gonna have to be more adamant.

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JFB said...

Holy smokes! I hope everyone is feeling better. The only thing worse than a sick kid is a sick mom -- that throws the whole house's karma totally out of whack!