Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grimsby Tankard, half way

They said it would be cold here in Grimsby for the 2011 Ontario Championships, otherwise known as the “Can anyone beat the Howard rink” Championships.
The semi final is Greg Balston’s team playing Peter Corner.
An interesting stat: Team Corner is the oldest team at the competition. They have the two oldest players on the team, and their team average age is older than all but 4 players. 
I talked to Phile "the Head" Loovenmark before the game, and he agreed that his team was old. Phil still looks exactly like he's always looked, maybe it's that large head. 
It is tempting to call this game the experienced old veterans versus the youngsters, but I don’t think that’s fair. So far, Balston hasn't make any 'rookie' like mistakes. Even more, they are executing really well. Or they were, until the 4th end. If this was a boxing match, I would give the first three rounds to Balston rather convincingly. 
But in the 4th, the corner team counter-punched, and they were always stealing one. Balston made a draw down to shot rock to concede the steal. But Balston came back strong in the fifth. And even though a curling game ebbs and flows, I'm putting my money on the kids.

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