Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grimbsy Tankard, Semi Final

It's official, Balston beats Corner in the semi final to face Glenn Howard in the final.

Youth versus experience. Even better, Balston lifts on hits. He doesn't just lift the rock, he lifts everything as he's taking back the stone.

If you want my opinion, Corner's team looked rusty.

I understand rustiness. Even though you might have watched thousands more rocks come down the sheet than the team you're playing, if you haven't watched a lot of rocks this year, rustiness can set it.

That isn't to say that Corner's team was rusty. Or that they lost for any reason other than the other team made more shots. But they were just missing hit and rolls, and some of it was sweeping. A couple of moments here and there, and they could have really put some pressure on Balston.

They didn't, and he's on his way to the finals against a team that is as experienced as Corner, but not even remotely rusty.

The final score is 9-4. The game was close to the blowout that it ended up being. Outside of the 4th end when Corner stole one, Balston's team wasn't too bothered. His two deuces were open draws to the rings.

That will change in the final. He's going to have a lot more pressure thrown at him, both from the weight of the game and the team he's playing. Howard comes after teams. And they don't make mistakes.

It should be fun.
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