Thursday, May 07, 2009

For Gord's Sake

At this point in time, Autumn's favorite movie is My Fair Lady. Her favorite song is "The Rain in Spain". She'll sing it over and over if you want.

And one of her favorite things to do is change the lyrics to made up silly songs.


"The rain in Spain stays mainly on the Gabby's head".

"The rain in Spain stays mainly on the spoon".

It's actually I spy, for she'll look around the room as she sings the beginning part, with a sly grin, until she happens upon the thing that is getting rained on. It's fun make-believe, inspired by My Fair Lady.

As the title of this post alludes, another favorite song is the original Show Stopper performance of "I'm gettin' Married in the Morning".

In it, the character sings: "For Godsake get me to the Church on Time" in a pretty heavy cockney accent. So, the lyric actually sounds more like, "For Gord's Sake", when sung, in accent, by Autumn.

That leads me to ask Autumn, "Who's Gord?"

Which, as you can imagine, confuses her.

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