Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Rhona

Dear Rhona,

At the beginning of this year, you announced that this year, 2009, was to be the year of Rhona.

This meant you were going to do things for herself, like run, exercise, etc. Things that would make you feel better, look better, and be better. A part of that was listening to your voice and becoming Vegan. You never did like to think about where your meat came from, and didn't like to think that to make milk, cows had to be perpetually postpartum.

We, the family, rallied around you and threw full support.

Then, in no particular order, things started to happen. Grandma had major complications from minor surgery. Romeo had major complications. Gavin decided to spend the first 5 months of the year not sleeping, and Autumn decided to join in. We had ear infections, a dog that won't go for a walk, a friend that won't answer her calls, and kids that constantly need attention.

In other words, life.

But through it all, I think this has still been the year of Rhona. You've rallied and settled things for your mom, and continue to do the little things that make her life better (like fixing the heat yesterday). You plan road-trips with the kids, to the Zoo, even though you don't like Zoos. The family picnic you threw together was excellent and memorable. You organize play-dates, major playground visits, and still have time to do the laundry, throw together some kick-ass meals, and laugh and play with the kids.

In short, you're a great mom, and a great wife. And I just want to say how happy I am that I'm part of the year of Rhona. Because whatever life throws at you, you wrap it up in a nice little bow, and throw it back.

And you look beautiful doing it.

Thanks Babes.

love, Matt.

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Anonymous said...

thanks babs... i just saw this and it makes me feel good. i love our family and i want the best for all of us, all the time.