Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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picture if you will.... it's a nice day out. You decide to take the kids and dog to the playground... it is warm by normal standards, you are itching to get out and you have already been up for four hours by 9am.... why not.

you pack up... blankets, hats, umbrella (for Autumn), juice, snacks, diapers, bottles- you got the picture. The dog in one hand the double stroller in the other.... moving along the 2.5 miles to the park- all good. One kid falls asleep the other and I swing, climb, slide.. you name it. Dog lays on the ground, barks for attention occasionally- good stuff. It starts to drizzle... pack up.... load up... on our way home for the same distance. It starts to thunder, it starts to pour.... All in all- the average family- no problem- so you get wet- no big deal.

the issue of course for me at this point is that my

she starts pulling on the leash and running to find somewhere to hide- problem: our house is still 2.5 miles away. somedays that distance is nothing... a jaunt.

Today- not so much.

she pulled the entire way- jumped up on about 45 porches, ran down 20 alleys to try and hide... crossed streets, hid on patios.... the kids in the stroller the dog on her belly trying to shimmy home. In the end- I said " Self- you are not wearing a sports bra... which you NEED .... but screw it.... sprint home."

it was a little nutty, I was yelling at the dog, working on not dumping the stroller with the kids... but for a girl who has been trying to improve her speed per mile. I think I just ran two eight minute miles...

ummmm... did I mention it is only 10.30 in the morning.


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