Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big girl bed

As I write this, Autumn is sleeping in her crib. But, this weekend, she slept and napped in a big girl bed.

That's big news.

So lets start at the beginning and get back to now. We brought up her bed, and she was thrilled. Whoa, it's beautiful daddy, she said to her bed, pillow and comforter.

A big girl bed.

On and off, she sleeps in it, naps in it, and every once in a while, abandons it. Not sure why, but she does. I can tell when she is going to abandon it. After books, she'll look at me with her big brown eyes and implore: "Daddy, don't LEAVE me."

Want to sleep in your old bed? I ask.

And she'll nod her head.

See, she's afraid of monsters. But then, who isn't? Her old bed, also known as a crib, didn't just keep her in, it kept out the monsters. The new bed doesn't.

That means we have a new thing added to the evening ritual. The hunt for monsters. We check the closet, under the bed, under the chairs, in dad's pockets, it various books -- basically everywhere one can think that monsters might live.

And since we never find any, it's getting easier to sleep in the big girl bed. That said, it's a big moment. Even the words "Big Girl Bed" imply that she's a big girl.

A little girl is getting bigger, one milestone at a time.

A dad could cry.

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