Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Autumn on the phone

Being a way for a week means a lot of talking on the phone. To Autumn.

So herein, are the three types of Autumn you get then you call.

1. Happy Autumn.

"Daddy. I went to (garbled from taking a deep breath) and gotta a gaballoon."
"Daddy, today, I went to (yells into phone in a manner that makes the words indiscernible) and then (more yelling), and then we ate posciple. PINK!"

The yelling is hard to decipher, but it's the ill-timed, though necessary deep breaths that make the words really hard to read. The only good answer to this is

"That sounds awesome." Which is what I say.

2. Sad Autumn.

(In background) "No. No, I don't wanna talk to daddy." Lots of crying.

This happens when the timing of the call doesn't fit into her schedule. She could be watching something on TV, she could be doing anything. But what she doesn't want to do is talk on the phone. You can't take this personal. She has a plan, and you just don't fit into it.

3. resigned Autumn.

(Crying a little, and very softly) "Hi Daddy."
"Hi Autumn, how are you."
(Mumble, inaudible, though most likely says that she'd rather be doing something else)
Hands phone to mom.

The last one is when mom puts her foot down and says talk to daddy. Autumn will do it, but she doesn't want any part of it (see #2).

There's no need to take any of this personally. Just look at her:

She's cute (even when trying to smile). And in person, we always get #1 Autumn.

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