Monday, September 15, 2008

My friend Chris Harris

Looks like he needs sleep.

From here: click on Wilson. I also heard, this weekend, that someone was up 5-3 (or merely up 2) on Middaugh playing 7 and gave up 7. I have a hard time walking through the shots, since Middaugh would have thrown a corner guard on his first. But I suspect it went something like this:

(other guy) Top four:
Middaugh: corner
OG: guard
Middaugh: come around freeze.
OG: Peel, miss, rock dead nuts jams on one top four
Middaugh: come around to lay three buried.

OG: draw to get our of end. Didn't go well.

The great thing about curling is that things can go from bad to worse in an awful hurry. I would have loved to have seen the end.

Update: Here's the line score. No wonder Middaugh scored 7. He was playing the cast of Zoolander and the sex addict.

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