Monday, March 24, 2008


She's not yet two years old, so we weren't sure what this whole easter egg thing would turn out to be. However, I 'hid' some eggs for her and brought her downstairs to hunt. She understands more than I think she does, but it's still suprising to say to her, find an egg, and watch her begin the search.

She found the first couple easily. They were just little plastic eggs with things in them. Mom had placed some peeps ("Birdies" Autumn yelled), some cookies, and some chocolate in the eggs. when she found the ones with cookies, she screamed cookies!

Then Gramma and Grampa came over, and we had a nice feast. Autumn played with her grandparents, and then hammed it up for them. She's awesome when we have visitors.

Hope you had as happy an easter as we did.

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