Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The beach house.

We were so lucky to spend a week at Waverly Beach for the last week of July. We had visitors almost everyday.... Uncle Simon and Turner, Grandpa, Grandad and Nanny and loads of friends including Rachel and Erdene, the whole Testa family, Ms. Janet and six kids, Pam and Jessica and Lucas and Jody. It was great fun and allowed Matt and I to relax and not ponder the worries of the day... we just had fun and enjoyed the days. Here are a few images to reflect our time on Edgemere Street in Fort Erie, Canada.

rainy day activity- playdough making... or some facsimile thereof ?@!!

The boy likes his squirt guns...this pump style gun was great for getting Daddy, Mommy and of course, Autumn.

This next shot is the shot of the week in my humble opinion.
The girl has PAZZAZZ!!!

No wait... this shot is the shot of the week...

No.. .THIS is the shot of the week, seriously.

A Dad gets thirsty battling all day :)

Again with the gun, one did break after day two (thankfully)

The queen city from a different vantage point.

another view of the city.

A boy on the run.

A shaky start for our dog Lucy... but she warmed up to the whole concept of beach running.

Oh Yes we did...on that rainy day.

every good beach house has a good bathtub. These guys spent a ton of time in and out of the tub.

What the heck can I say about this lady?

The ol' self-timer family portraits. If you pay close attention, I always look a little winded in these family images, because I am the one who literally RUNS into the shot.

He loves trucks... he is at that stage where he just plays by himself quite happily.