Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Autumn (2011)

I'm not sure when you'll read this, but I've been thinking about it for a long time. I want to talk to the future you about the current you. I'm not writing this for any other reason than I can. These ones and zeros that make up the Internet will be here for a long time. You can delete this, read it. Save it.

Whatever you want.

So, here it goes.

Dear Autumn,

Right now, you are a kind, funny, caring girl. Your imagination inspires me, and you laugh warms me.

I can't remember a time without you, without your smile, your laugh, your wit (yes, wit), your sarcasm. It's all wrapped up into one little package that is too good for words.

I know, this isn't sounding like I want to to sound.

You're almost 5, and yet you're so much older. Here's an example: if I'm looking for a hug from Gavin, and he ignores me, you'll come over and give me a hug. You tell people things like:

"I like your shirt" and "I like your hair". In Florida, you told a waitress you liked her makeup. This isn't about the future, but now. Your mom and I think you're a wonderful girl, and we look forward to seeing you grow up.

I love you.


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