Friday, September 03, 2010

Summer Images

It has been a heck of a summer... long, hot and filled with fun trips and memories. Both kids spent a good part of the summer in the pool learning how to swim with bubbles on.... At the tail end of August Autumn had begun jumping in by herself and going underwater as much as she could... Gavin even got caught up in the excitement and told me he wanted to jump in... but afterwards came up with a frightened face and said "I'm scary!" (one of my favorite gavisms). Each day was filled with something fun and the easiest way to share is via photos.

 a boy and a worm- so sorry worm. 

Dad, Gavin and Lucy while Autumn had a girl's weekend with Aunt Tracey :)
Gavin LOVES cars.
 Audrey (our neighbor) has mice.... truthfully this makes me cringe.. but in the spirit of memories I keep quiet :)

Gavin had a birthday (#2) party at Ms. Janet's house. She runs a great daycare out of her home and Gavin has been spending a couple days there each week and the boy with the dino cupcakes (mom worked hard on those) is Gino- Gavin's first little friend :)
Autumn had her first gymnastics show and both grandpas were able to attend... she led the entire show out (based on height)... and she did great!!!

Mom had a weekend away with friends from college in June... it was welcomed and great to see old friends.  Looking forward to another trip coming soon.
Love Ithaca for it's waterfalls and cows :)

June was filled with birthdays- a party for school friends, a party for family, Gavin's birthday party at school.... phew! Autumn's party was at our favorite playground and she asked for butterfly cupcakes- not bad if I do say so myself :)
Lilah and Gavin (his current girlfriend)
24 butterfly cupcakes
"Mom, is it time to eat cupcakes yet?!"
It's time for birthday #4.

this baby bird was a source of great entertainment ( and an unbelievable noise) for the day (and night) he parked himself in our new garden. Big thanks to Grandad for guidance, muscle and sweat.

Sometimes it is fun to just go to a friend's house and look for frogs :) Thanks to Don and Jen for lots of fun in their MASSIVE back yard.
Whatcho lookin' at?
Rainy Day fun.
Little Miss Pinky Rain
Family birthday brought great gifts- thanks for all of them. The lamp was coveted for months :)
must wear my new costume- IMMEDIATELY!
I love my new bike :)
Pretty girl
jody and mike joined us and gave us a great phone :)  

Various Playground moment
Don't get me started on how much I love these shots of Autumn during our daily quiet time.

We spent a weekend away in Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake in the Fingerlakes. We stayed at a place called Farm Sanctuary where we were afforded amazing views, a get close and personal tour and visit with the animals and space to just breath... .amazing place. Already planning for our next visit . Our cabin was the last one on the right.

Great stop at the Catharine Valley winery. Two sleeping kids in the car (windows rolled down), live band, great wine tasting and beautiful views.... a highlight of the weekend.
Token shot of our gorgeous dog LUCY :)
We found a new dog park to take Lucy- running, creeks, free open space- everything you (and your dog) looks for in a great fun space. We go there frequently and have even brought Grandpa there to enjoy the space.

Our latest family portrait (if you look carefully at ALL our family shots, I am a bit out of breath from setting up the camera and then running into the image to beat the self-timer)
Gavin is always checking on Grandpa.
check out the face here.... he knows.

Our buds- the Testa's.
OMG... love this photo.
Lucy and Miles spent ALL day playing catch at the beach :) 
Shaggy Boy went all summer without a haircut.
Thank Goodness Vito returned from his summer vacation in Italy. Gavin likes to get his haircut- he almost always comes close to falling asleep.
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Too bad Vito doesn't do girl cuts... tried it once- not so great.      

Stay tuned for the next adventure... POTTY training. 

There is no doubt - this summer kicked my butt. Two kids home each day requires a level of energy, patience and creativity I never knew I had (emphasis on patience). I am grateful for good friends and family who played with us or gave us the occasional break. Next summer- there will be some type of activity for a week or two- maybe a camp or vacation rental. But - as we approach the start of school- I am glad I was home with these guys to watch the amazing things they do and say each and every day. They are terrific kids who are filled with love and excitement for all life has to offer.


Anonymous said...

A feast for the eyes and the soul... all kids are beautiful - they become amazing when their parents adore them and nurture their spirits. So very well done!

Matt. said...

Thanks for your comment. Love your blog.