Thursday, December 03, 2009

An update on Gavin

It's been a while since we updated. So here's where we are:


He says real words now. Tonight, while eating a little veggie curry for dinner, Gavin said the following words:

1. Uh-oh.
2. No.
3. More.
4. Dada.
5. Mama.
6. Lulu (Lucy's new name)
7. Go.

He fully understands everything that we say. For example, if he's climbing on the chair to get on the dining room table, and you say "no", he immediately crawls as fast as he can onto the table. He knows that no means you're coming for him.

We tried him at the dinner table this week. Autumn and Gavin sitting across from each other while mom and dad take a seat at the ends of the tables. It worked on Monday, but not so much on Tuesday. So, we sent him back to his chair.

It's messy.

What else? He loves to give kisses. Ask him for a kiss and he puckers up like mad and throws it down. Last week, he was cutting 3 molars, which seriously impacted his sleep, and ours.

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