Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Gavin

We don't talk about you nearly enough.

Your smile, your laugh, the way you look away when mom is holding you, and I walk up and say hello, the way you stand up, the way you dance to Meri Mac, and other songs...

I'm still a little bemused by the way you have to grab your kibbles and bit every time I change your diaper, but you've only peed on me once, and I had the over under pegged at 5.

I admit it, there's still a chance for the over, but at ten months, I think you're getting some control over your Willie, and that bodes well for the under.

And a dry dad.

Here's the thing Gavin. Adding you was literally doubling the amount of kids, but it more than doubles the amount of work. Ask other parents. 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2. It might be 5, but we're not sure. The point is, there's no time.

And your dad (me) has another blog these days, and that takes time.

It's not like there isn't things to talk about. Like how you have yet to spit anything out that we've fed. Scratch that, you spit out an onion badji, but that was far too spicy. You've eaten everything that we've put in front of you. This is a big deal. At this point in Autumn's life, we knew her favorite foods.

With you, your favorite food is food. And we thank you for that.

We're also starting to tell that you love your big sister. Outside of your mum, she's the greatest person in the world. When she comes in the room, you watch. If you can't see her from your high chair, you'll crane your neck until you can see her.

Even though we don't blog a lot about you, we love you. We'll do better.

Love, Mom and Dad.

Gavin Mathew Hames

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