Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looking at boats

Today, we went down to the waterfront to look at boats. Labatt's USA launched on of my favorite beers in the market -- Alexander Keith's. They brought a Keg of it on a huge boat. It was a lot of fun. Autumn loved looking at the boats. This was the boat they brought the beer on:

Good times. And it's nice to see that Keith's is here. It's a fine Canadian beer.

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JFB said...

Oh, lord love you and your good taste in beer. Try the Amber Ale. It is a slice of sweetness.

Matt. said...

I do like the Amber Ale. loved Keith's ever since playing in Halifax.

JFB said...

Last time I played in Halifax (may have been the time the cook stole JB's sweater) some guy was buying Diane a bunch of beers all night, next day she says "Where's Keith?" She thought the guy's name was Keith.

Well, it was funny at the time.